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Karyn O'Connor is one of the Boston area's most knowledgeable and sought-after professional voice teachers. She teaches a timeless technique with a fresh twist that enables her to work with singers of all skill levels, backgrounds and genres, and, (with a variety of lesson options available, including video calling), students around the globe.

Karyn is also the writer of SingWise.com, a popular information-based resource for singers and voice teachers covering a wide range of topics related to vocal technique, vocal health and performance.


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Introducing A New, Affordable Way Of Taking Private Voice Lessons!

Vocal technique instructor Karyn O'Connor is excited to now be offering a truly unique, innovative, and affordable voice lesson option - Personalized Video Lessons

Students from all over the world and in any time zone can now take private lessons from Karyn at times that are convenient for them, and be able to replay these videos over and over again in the comfort of their own homes. These are not pre-recorded lessons intended for mass distribution, like those that one might find posted on-line on popular video hosting sites or in generic instructional DVD courses available for purchase. They are truly personalized, and are created just for the individual student, with Karyn working directly with that singer.

To learn more about Personalized Video Lessons, click here.

'Live' Discussions With Karyn O'Connor Coming Soon!

Beginning in Summer 2013, SingWise readers will be able to join in once a month on a live discussion and tutorial with Karyn O'Connor as she fields technique and performance related questions from the singing community.

It is becoming increasingly impossible for Karyn to reply to all of her SingWise readers' inquiries promptly and with the detail and care to which her readers have grown accustomed, but she still desires to make herself accessible to those singers who are seeking her advice and guidance. Karyn is, therefore, now gearing up to open her studio doors to the world for one full hour every month.

During that hour, curious minds can tune into this live, free webcast and hear Karyn discuss various vocal topics, answer questions, offer advice and provide demonstrations.

Listeners and viewers may either call in to participate in this tuturial or e-mail or IM Karyn with their questions, and she'll try to respond to as many of them as possible during that hour.

Please look for more information on the day and time for this upcoming free webcast series, as well as how to join in on this tutorial, to be posted on this site, as well as on SingWise.com, soon.