'Conquering the Audition' workshops take place in either Boston or Cambridge, Massachusetts. (The dates and locations are announced when these group classes are officially scheduled.)

In this workshop, students will learn about how to make the right song selections for their voices, how to fully prepare for the audition process, how to present themselves during an audition and how to overcome nervousness and stage fright. Students will also learn some basics about good vocal technique that will help them to stand out above the rest of the crowd. This two hour group clinic is ideal for singers wishing to audition for select choruses, musical theatre productions, talent shows and competitions (such as American Idol or The Voice) or lead or background singer roles for bands of any genre.

There will be opportunities for students to discuss specifics about their audition selections (songs) and to practice their auditioning skills through role-play and mock auditions. It is a great opportunity for singers to practice appearing confident and poised while singing in front of others.

Much of the advice that I will be giving during the group lesson can be found in my article Singing Audition Tips on the SingWise website. However, attending the group workshop will afford singers the added benefit of being able to ask specific questions and to receive direct and individual feedback about their song choices, vocal abilities and personal presentation styles and skills.

Private lessons may also be offered to any student wishing to have help preparing for an upcoming audition.

There are currently no upcoming audition worshops scheduled in 2013.