Vocal Assessments Or Consultations

Oftentimes, a singer is either not able to or not interested in taking regular weekly voice lessons, but is nevertheless seeking a professional's evaluation of his or her singing skills and some guidance. In these cases, a singer may arrange a one-time consultation (or infrequently scheduled lessons) with me, during which time I will listen, evaluate, and offer information about the singer's voice and pointers for improving his or her technique.

This time belongs to the student, and I am willing to discuss anything singing related that the student wishes to discuss, including vocal health concerns, warm up and practice habits or routines, various aspects of performance, auditioning, song arrangement, etc.. I will also encourage the student to follow up with me via e-mail after a while and provide me with an update on his or her progress.

One to two hours is generally most productive, and will enable me to get to know the singer's voice and skills, and also allow some time for feedback, instruction (e.g., to correct technique), advice and questions.

These assessments can be conducted either in my home studio or via Skype.

The fee for a half-hour consultation is $35. The fee for a full hour consultation is $60.00. The fee for a two-hour consultation is $120.00.

For evaluations lasting 30-60 minutes, please go to Book A Lesson on this website. For two-hour assessments, please e-mail me to schedule a time, which may need to be outside of my regular teaching hours.