Student Testimonials

"I came into the vocal process without any knowledge of technique or my own voice. I've been taking lessons for six months now at two times per week and I've gone from NOT being able to even be on pitch, to gliding through scales and doing things I've never thought possible. My experience has been very favourable and I've learnt a CRAZY amount about my voice and how to get the sound I want. She is kind, passionate and very helpful. I highly recommend Karyn to anyone looking for someone to enhance the quality of their voice and take them to the next level. Thanks Karyn!"

- Omar I., Toronto, ON, Canada

"When I started voice lessons with Karyn I had no previous vocal training, and had sung recreationally in choirs for the past couple of years, as well as in a few local bands. I was frustrated with my voice, and singing wasn't coming as naturally to me as I would have hoped (or so I thought). Most of all, singing didn't feel 'easy' or effortless like I've heard it described; it felt forced. I was first interested in contacting Karyn after I read the wealth of helpful information about singing available on her website, which I still refer to regularly and haven't found an equivalent for easily available elsewhere on the internet.

I began lessons with her about ten months ago, and her work with me has been completely transformative. I am more confident with my voice than ever, and have gone from quietly singing bass parts in the back row of my choir (I'm a baritone) to being an important part of my section and even volunteering for tenor parts, which I was nowhere capable of singing before. Others have noticed the change in my voice, and every opportunity I've had to sing solo for others has only bolstered my confidence.

In our lessons, Karyn is quick to motivate me and note my successes, but also continues to push me for improvement, which I have found invaluable. Her ears are razor-sharp, even over the internet, and she can always hear even the smallest of details. I couldn't ask for a more skilled instructor, and I always look forward to working with her on the next step in my ongoing vocal development."

- Doug B., Calgary, AB, Canada

"My name is Ravy and I am an aspiring pop/christian/r&b singer. I currently lead worship at a church. Before I started taking lessons with Karyn I didn't understand how head voice was accessed or what it sounded like. I wanted to learn head voice because I knew that I would be able to develop my mix once I could easily access it. I also had a wobbly vibrato that I was not okay with. Basically, I was seeking wisdom desperately and found Karyn.

I essentially have weekly lessons with Karyn. It's been ten months since I started studying with Karyn. As the lessons progressed I started gaining confidence and grasping underlying concepts of how the vocals worked. I was able to distinguish between falsetto and head voice. I was so elated when she pointed out my head voice lol. In addition my vibrato was sounding less wobbly.

Furthermore, I can tell you that there are perks with having a very detailed oriented and knowledgeable vocal teacher. She was able to point out things that I never thought I was having an issue with. For example, my tongue position on certain vowels/or words wasn't always correct. I have no idea how she found that out, but she did.

Karyn is the most patient vocal teacher that I've ever met. She is a demonstrator. She never tells me to do something that she doesn't do herself. All of her advice and tips are all scientifically backed up with her pages of articles available online. To me, that in itself speaks volumes about the authenticity of her knowledge, wisdom, and insight. Many vocal teachers in my past did not have such a thorough grasp of vocal anatomy. I also wanted to add that Karyn is very gracious with her time; she allows students to contact her throughout the week via email regarding any questions about the lesson or the voice. The answers are quite thorough and in-depth.

In conclusion, I believe I've become a wiser singer (singwise ha!). Karyn is an awesome teacher. She's kind, patient, versatile, has a sense of humor; Karyn is very passionate about music and teaching. She has blessed me abundantly. Thanks Karyn!!"

- Ravy H., Fresno, CA, USA

"I'm an aspiring rock singer, and I'm just starting to perform at some local gigs with my band. I want to get to the next level of doing this professionally full-time, and I had hoped that voice lessons would help.

When I was looking for voice teachers, I knew that I wanted a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher, but also one who would be able to help me sing in the style that I want to. I came across, and I was very impressed. Then, when I started taking lessons with Karyn, I realized that she has so much more to offer than just the information on her website. She writes from a place of experience and expertise, and this expertise really comes through in her studio when she's teaching.

Early on, I wasn't happy with my tone - it was thin, overly bright and almost harsh and grating on high notes - and I wasn't happy with my range - it was really limited on the top. My throat felt tight, especially on the high notes, so I avoided them. Karyn began showing me the 'tricks' (adjustments) that I needed to use to invite more warmth into the tone, she addressed some issues that I had with my breath management, and I quickly began to switch registers flawlessly and added several notes onto the top of my range almost immediately. She has a very 'let's fix it now' approach, which I appreciate because I've seen positive results really quickly.

Now I sound better than ever, and I'm really encouraged and have much more confidence on stage. Lessons with Karyn have been a huge part of my growth as a singer."

Kayla S., Westford, MA, USA

"I thought that I might be too old - I'm in my early fifties - to make any significant improvements to my voice, but I was wrong. Karyn has been so encouraging and has helped me to find the voice that I've been waiting to come out of me all my life. She really knows her stuff. My first plan of action is to find a country band to sing lead and play guitar for!"

John H., Nashua, NH, USA